Move Forward EP

by Move Forward

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released June 12, 2011

Recorded, Mixed, Engineered by Griffin Kolinski.
Mastered by Jamie King




Move Forward Phoenix, Arizona

Melodic Hardcore band from Phoenix, AZ.
Formed in 2008.
Recommended for fans of Comeback Kid, With Honor, Bane, Strike Anywhere, Another Breath, Raised Fist, etc.

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Track Name: Lynchpin
I wish I could find a way
To bottle up this feeling and drink sparingly
It seems there's only so much happiness left
Before we all sink in and come out a "citizen"

Is it so insane to say
I wish we could go back to that day when we hung out by the van
And just enjoyed the company

I've been having trouble appreciating
All the small pieces of my life
Letting all the moments pass me by
And now it's building up inside
It's a selfish conceit I must admit
For tired eyes that will never quit
Opening wide to see all they can
This is all that's left
Track Name: The Only Constant
I'm such a walking contradiction
I can't stand to look in the mirror
Meanwhile, I hope everything is good for you
And if you need me I'll be right here
Maybe I can just forget all about me
If I ignore it I'll just go away
If you ask me that's no way to live your life
But who asked you anyway

These times
In our lives
I can't help think you don't deserve them
Not me - not me

What's yours
Is not mine
So go live on your own level
Not mine - not mine

What it's like to love one another
Never ending and always accepting
You've lost all your hopes and dreams

Of what it's like to love each other
The threat of living makes you ill at ease

This borrowed time must be paid to someone
But I'll take my chances trying to outrun
I've gotta sweat this hate outta my body
Cause just trying ain't enough anymore

If this is what takes to break discontent
I'll kill my self and love every minute
I've never been so far and felt so at home
Home is in the heart of our company

The way this change builds up inside
The only thing that makes me alive

I feel this thing inside my bones
For testing myself, I've made promises, I've made promises!

If this is what takes to break discontent
I'll kill myself and love every minute
I've never been so far and felt so at home
Home is in the heart of our company
I'll work these fingers down to their bones
Staying up all night and driving alone
I'll walk this city like it's all my own
And tomorrow will be new again
I wanna thank my friends in the worst for all the bad decisions they helped me make
I'll know we'll see the day we regret them together

You'll never be any more than what you were yesterday
Tomorrows already dead
Track Name: Cutting Teeth
In a moment of futility
I realized just how strong I could be
As if it isn't hard enough
You remind me of all the things
I will never see
I will never do
I can never be
I will never look up to you
The best thing that I could do
Is forget everything I ever learned from you

The sun won't wash away my failures
But I can wake up to a new day
Where I don't stay any one place

It's not enough
It'll never be enough for you

I won't drag my feet
I won't bow my head
Not every day will be a bed of roses
But I'll sleep tight knowing I did my best
And that will always be enough for me

But in these days
The only constant is change
But I've gotta make my own way
Still I'll sleep tight
Know I did my best
That's always gonna be enough for me
Track Name: Speak For Yourself
Some things are better left unsaid
Some things just go without saying
Let's be clear on where we stand
Let's leave it all on the table

Now you tell me
Where you can see
A bunch of kids with something to say
We don't look like much
But that's not what I see

I just can't scream loud enough
To make you understand

To fight against a world
Written us off as a generation
If not for love or money but just to do what's right
I'll keep screaming here if you keep screaming by my side
If you think our best days have come and gone
Speak for yourself

I'll never forget these days
The rest of my life
Track Name: At Least We Still Have Matches and Knives
As we wonder how we all got so fat
We feed the meat to the lion again
We eat the meager and point our fingers
We all scream, "it wasn't me!"

The clock keeps ticking
But the heart; it stops
The mind breaks down
But we continue to breathe
We go through life without a single care
Feeding off anything weak

We lick our chops and smack our lips
Spitting bone and chewed finger tips
It such a malignant avarice
This whole thing makes me fucking sick

I try to make myself believe I'll never need that shit
Until I clock in and ride this sinking ship
To the lowest depths
We said we'd never reach

I'll never be another part of the weak
But I won't shirk my responsibility
I see this ugly face everyday
On people that don't care
They're wasting away
They don't have the time to any have respect - for the footprints they leave or what follows next

We're gone
The last generation to even pretend that they cared

It's anger (and hatred)
And hatred (and filth)
We burn every bridge that we built for ourselves

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